Stop Cell Phone Tracking, Spying, Stalking, Hacking and Eavesdropping with the Detracktor & this Video shows how


For more information click on this link. Spyware can be placed on a phone without someone having physical contact with the phone. See for details. Stop Cell Phone Tracking and Bugging with the DETRACKTOR. The DETRACKTOR will stop your cell phone or tablet from being used as a tracking and/or bugging device. Tracking and bugging of cell phones or tablets is now easily done by anyone, including non-government agencies and individuals. Cell phone spying software is readily available on the internet. A quick search on google for cell phone spying will surprise you. Stingray (Harris corp) is an IMSI catcher device. Many other companies make these devices such as PKI and Septier. IMSI catchers can be bought directly online from China for $1800.00. These devices are capable of locating and tapping cell phones as well as changing the settings on your phone. The problem is that this technology is not only available to law enforcement. Just like cell phone tapping software was originally only available to law enforcement this technology has not remained out of other’s hands.

Henry Sapiecha

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